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Try out the Ideal Body Simulator and explore the multiple versions of you!

The Ideal Body Simulator is a game for exploring queer identities and is created by a trans nonbinary person with the intention of allowing young queer people to discover their ideal bodies, bodies they relate to, or even helping choose which surgeries and levels of transitioning are right for them.


Current body parts and acessories offered (more to come)

Ideal Body Simulator is dedicated to trying to be as inclusive as possible

However, at this moment we are a one-person team and it will take some time for us to develop all the inclusivity we intend. In the future the game will provide:

  • up to 20 skin tones (we currently have 9)
  • a variety of hair options in different textures, colours, and styles
  • more piercing and body modification options
  • more medical devices and representation for disabilities
  • different coloured genital options to better suit the skin tone varieties
  • and more

If you would like to be a part of the Ideal Body Simulator team and help draw/animate/code more inclusion and representation into this game, contact us below.